Why Select Salt Valley Customs - a Design/Build Company?

Your vision along with our expertise will help you realize your dream home. Design is about choices. At SVC, from concept to completion, each home or remodeling project is designed in house, for your needs, tastes, lifestyles, and budget. While Kevin supervises the on-site building, Anita works with you to design the space plan, select finishes, and make decorating decisions. We work to make your dream home of today work for your dreams of tomorrow. By being a single source for all the building components - design, selections, and on-site management of construction, our clients develop a comfortable working relationship and benefit from this complimentary partnership. We believe communication is vital.

We believe that the Design/Build concept is the most efficient and cost effective. One company responsible for providing all services to a consumer streamlines responsibility and accountability to a single source. Building or remodeling is a comlicated process that involves special needs and difficult decisions. Design/Build improves coordination with a unified, professional team approach to all phases of creating the home you desire. This speeds the entire process and keeps everyone focused on the customers' specific needs. Changes will be made with a single overall perspective and responsibility. Using this uncomplicated process, a home reflective of your lifestyle and personality is created. Personal design/actual building attention gives you the economical means to realize your dream home.

Kevin and Anita, along with their construction team and suppliers, bring to the table years of experience in space planning, project management, construction knowledge, quality resources and purchasing knowledge that spurs new innovations and ideas. The Salt Valley Customs team strives for continued education and varied experiences. The entire team works within timelines to create detailed plans and finished drawings to insure the design meets and exceeds customer expectations. Each home is fully engineered and final drafts are made by a professional drafting service/architect and/or sealed by a professional architect or engineer.

At all times, SVC screens sub-contractors and suppliers. We diligently supervise and communicate with them throughout your project. We strive for the highest ideals of ethical behavior; trust is the basis of all our personal and professional endeavors before and after your purchase.

The Design/Build approach saves time and money because from the beginning your home is designed with a specific budget… your budget… in mind. SVC strives to use the most effective methods and quality materials for your project. We believe you must know and understand the cost of your project before proceeding. Change orders after the project has begun will only be initiated after you approve changes to the budget.

SVC desires a fair profit to insure growth and stability as well as continued reliability and experience to our customers. With these things in mind, SVC handles the fair and competitive bid process in house. The professional knowledge of our team in interpreting those bids reduces your stress and confusion during the bidding process. By experience, SVC realizes differences in bids are the direct result of either quality of workmanship and/or quality of product. We will work to attain the fairest price for the best quality of workmanship and product possible so that both the customer and SVC are pleased. Good value for your money, utilizing extraordinary craftsmanship, energy efficiency, quality products and finishes are always the goal of Salt Valley Customs.

Anita’s expertise is to coordinate the project. She helps everyone focus on your ideas in the design process, plan development and finish selections. Anita's constant research, building and design convention attendance and avid curiosity helps her provide interesting choices and alternative resources to create living spaces for your individual lifestyle. She will assist in the space planning, as well as plumbing, lighting, finish, cabinetry and appliance selections. She will keep you informed of your homes progress and assist you in the decision making during the building process.

Salt Valley Customs strives for the highest standards for energy efficient construction. Our goal is to make every home we build meet or exceed an Energy Star rating. What that means to you is that your home will be at least 15% more energy efficient than homes built to the 2006 International Energy Conservation Code. We use effective insulation, high performance windows, tight construction and ducts, efficient heating and cooling equipment, and Independant Home Energy Raters conduct onsite testing. You will receive written checklists as evidence that your home is an Energy Star Home. Such a designation results in lower energy costs to you, better protection against the elements, peace of mind, as well as being just plain smart in this age of rising energy costs.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is the driving force behind Salt Valley Customs. Our focus in business is to consistently deliver quality in everything we do; in our product, our service, and our people. We want to build lasting relationships and distinctive homes. We believe that clear and concise communication with total follow through is the only way to gain and keep your trust. We attain this through:

Price Guarantee: You know what you're getting for your money right from the start. You, the customer, are in charge of additional changes/charges since you have the flexibility to issue change orders after the project has begun.

Realistic Time Lines: Salt Valley Customs will present a time line for your project at the time of your purchase and all attempts will be made to meet or beat that time frame. In the event your project is so unique that time management may require more flexibility, general time committments will be made at the start of the project along with monthly meeting updates to better identify and control the time frame.

Home Warranty: Includes a detailed list of covered builder items. standards meeting or exceeding minimum National Standards and Codes. We conduct a thorough walk-through prior to home closing to ensure quality construction. Any concerns will be addressed promptly and professionally. We craft three month and one year limited warranties from national industry standards. Customers are given a check-list for these standards.

Owner's Manual: We provide a list of suppliers and subcontractors who were involved with your home, all manuals and warranties, and suggested maintenance.

The Design/Build process is intertwined from the beginning to insure the highest level of success and satisfaction to you as the customer. Good organization lends more control to the builder and the customer, resulting in more understanding and peace of mind.

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